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Gain Maximum Exposure & Make Meaningful Connections at Our Recruiting Events

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Getting Noticed?

Are you finding it difficult to noticed and meet college coaches?


Hi, We are RecruitUS. 

We help parents, athletes, and coaches  to "Get Connected".  We sponsor a series of  stand alone events, held across the country, that are uniquely designed to maximize your exposure. These events are attended by youth athletes and colleges from across the country.
Also, when you attend these events, we provide a series of proven recruiting insights and strategies that are designed to help guide you through the recruiting process, letting you put your best foot forward. We have found a way that simplifies the recruiting process while saving you time and money. 

We have helped thousands of athletes, parents and coaches get connected. Will you be next?
Are you ready to start your recruiting journey?
  • This is where will learn how the recruiting process works and when to start it.
  • This is where you will learn what questions to ask college coaches and how best to maximize your exposure.
  • This is where you will easily meet and interact with top college coaches and bowlers from across the country.

How It Works


  SELECT AN EVENT & Register Online 


  ATTEND THE EVENT & Use the Recruiting Insights We Provide You

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  FOLLOW-UP with the College Coaches using our follow-up Tips

It's Your Choice...
Attend 1 or more events.

Each event has a different variety of College Coaches depending on location and timing of an event.

Note: the more you attend, the better your chances are of getting recruited by the right college for you.
College Coaches will be present at all Events...


"Our experience was amazing! The tournament was well organized and they made it very easy to interact with the coaches. Because of the tournament we attended my son is now being fairly heavily recruited and we couldn't have done it without them!! Will definitely make a future tournament!!"


— Josh Rayborn, Parent

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