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We have found a way that simplifies the recruiting process.

Bowling Recruiting Simplified
3 Steps to Success
At RecruitUS, we’re all about fun and competitive sports and hosting related in-person events in addition to our Online Recruiting Platform. Our experienced staff works hard to make sure that your athlete has an opportunity to show their full potential, and to always have a great time while doing it. 

Our 4 types of events will gain your athlete maximum visibility, allow for maximum engagement with college coaches, are cost effective, will educate you on the recruiting process, and will help set the solid groundwork for your athlete to Be Recruited

RecruitUS Plans, Coordinates, and Executes events that are designed to help you navigate the recruiting process.

We are passionate about helping Parents, Athletes, and College Coaches Get Connected. We have developed this program from firsthand experience and lessons learned, so you can maximize your recruiting journey success. 
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