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College Coaches

How to get involved in our events

3 easy steps

to join our events

  1. Find and Register for an Event Online

  2. Attend the Event

  3. Follow-up with your new contacts

We know as a college coach; you are pressed for time and money when it comes to finding your next recruit.
  • Have you spent hours in the car to go see a new recruit just to find out that they changed their mind about going to your college, but they failed to call you ahead of time to let you know?
  • Like picking a needle out of the haystack, have you been to tournaments to find that one recruit that will complete your roster, just to find out your college doesn't offer what they want to study?
  • Or have you spent hours collecting and deciphering handwritten (hopefully legible) recruiting cards?
  • Is your college administration always asking you for the list of new contacts from your event you attend, so they can send out college information packets?
If this is the case, you are not alone, and we can help. We have found a way that simplifies the recruiting process. Our events will allow you to save time, money, and will help you look like the superhero to the administration and will make finding your next recruit fun and very successful. 
Our unique events draw athletes and parents from across the country to one central location. Which allows you to meet talented athletes that may never have been on your radar. 
Our unique approach helps you create long lasting connections with both the athlete and parents in a way that maximizes your ability to find recruitable candidates. We put into your hands the detailed information about each athlete and provide you with the necessary follow-up information, in both printed and digital forms, so that you have what you need to sign your next athlete. Our approach is to take as much off your plate, so that, you can focus on getting to know your new recruits.
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