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  • Where can I find out about upcoming event?
    Upcoming Events can be found under the "Upcoming Events" tab at the top of this website under event details link.
  • Where are the RecruitUS events held?
    We continue to expand were we hold our RecruitUS events based on requests and needs. Below are cities and states where we have held events or where we currently have events planned for: 1) Columbus, OH 2) Sterling Heights, MI 3) Hermitage, TN 4) Frankfort, KY
  • What kind of RecruitUS events are there?
    We are always looking for new ways to connect youth athletes with college coaches. With that being said, to date we currently host two styles of events. 1) Collegiate Showcases 2) Youth Clinics taught by College Coaches The purpose of both of these events is to help youth athletes, collegiate coaches, and parents connected in a meaningful way to help with the recruiting process. So that, good decisions can be made by the athlete, coaches, and parents.
  • What is the difference between a Collegiate Showcase Event and a Youth Clinic Event?
    These are currently two types of events that we host under the RecruitUS brand. 1) Collegiate Showcase Event - This (typically - one day) event is a large venue where athletes, collegiate coaches, and parents have an opportunity to meet and discuss recruiting options and learn more about one another. The athlete will also get a chance to display their skills in a tournament and/or skills demonstration for College Coaches. At some of these events athletes can have a chance to earn scholarships. 2) Youth Clinic Events - This event is a smaller event and is a more one on one event. This event is taught by College Coaches. The purpose of this event is to help youth athletes to learn more about their sport at the collegiate level and what it takes to succeed at the next level. In addition, bowlers will get to experience different college coaching styles. This half day clinic covers topics such as: One on One coaching, ball motion, physical and mental game, discuss collegiate expectations, collegiate do's and don'ts, review college sports rules, athletes will have their sports equipment evaluated, video analysis of their game, athletes will be given a exercise work book, and group will discuss how the recruiting process works.
  • How many colleges have participated in past recruiting events?
    To date we have had 45 colleges from 13 states and Canada participate in our events. Though the number of colleges participating will very form event to event depending on the timing and location of the event you can rest assured you will have plenty of opportunity to make new connections and learn more about your recruiting options. Click the "college" link on this webpage to see which colleges.
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